What is an Easy Way To REDUCE

- Topical lidocaine!

FDA-approved OTC (over the counter) topical anesthetic. Lidocaine is a sodium channel blocker that helps deaden pain receptors’ nerve endings.

Fast typically working within four minutes–and one application lasts for three to five hours. Lidocaine may be applied directly to the skin to numb the area.

Lidocaine topical cream

In orthopedics, neural therapy is used, for example, as a local treatment for pain therapy purposes. For this purpose, a local anesthetic (lidocaine topical cream) is used, which is injected into the muscles exactly where the pain is. This local anesthetic can break the vicious circle of pain and thus eliminate the cause of the pain. Pain leads to cramping, which in turn results in reduced blood flow and the release of certain inflammatory messenger substances. The injected painkiller expands u.a. the vessels so that more blood flows into the treated region.

This is how lidocaine cream works

After a detailed examination, during which the exact pain region is determined, one application lidocaine topical cream. One treatment is usually sufficient. If the injection initially brought about a significant improvement, but this gradually wears off after a few hours, a second injection may be advisable. Further treatments are generally not useful. The injection is largely painless and well tolerated. Many patients report a feeling of warmth or lightness. The local anesthetic is eliminated from the body very quickly, in less than an hour.